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affilliate1Xplor International is the worldwide association of users and suppliers of the products and services that create, modify, and deliver customized information using a variety of document technologies. Representing thousands of professionals in more than 35 countries, they are engaged in the design, production, and distribution of variable data documents, and are involved in using and developing the technology that supports the document lifecycle: create, capture, store, manage, retrieve, publish, and distribute.
affilliate2EDSF helps the industry and the public benefit from paper and electronic documents, which are continually being transformed by emerging technologies. By fostering education, promoting research, recognizing leaders, encouraging innovation, and garnering and disseminating knowledge, EDSF is building a community of mutual interest and support for document communication.

affilliate3OutputLinks exists to centralize, simplify and accelerate the sales, purchase, research and implementation process in the HVTO industry.

affilliate4_300x50INg is a member of the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service, which is comprised of businesses and associations representing the private sector mailing industry and its 8 million workers. It represents the significant number of private businesses who continue to rely on the mail. The Coalition includes magazines, newspapers, advertisers, and catalogers; as well as industries such financial services, telecommunications, insurance and statement mailers.

affilliate5Two Sides is an independent, non-profit organization created to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper. Two Sides is now active globally in four continents with members that span the entire graphic communications value chain. It is a well-organized and wide reaching umbrella organization that works in partnership with other global initiatives that promote print and paper.

affilliate6INg and InfoTrends have established a research partnership to provide deep insights on market trends, production metrics, and customer requirements for transactional and direct mail. As part of the program, InfoTrends will conduct confidential annual surveys with INg members and their customers (large billers and direct marketers), and present summary findings at INg member meetings.